- Our Mission -

To reduce toilet paper importation by manufacturing good and affordable toilet papers to the regional market by 2017

- Vision -

A company with world class manufacturing practices, producing papers products acceptable to the market.

- Executive Summary -

Paper Toils is a manufacturing industry that manufactures comfort tissue paper, jumbo rolls, core and serviettes from waste paper.
Our registered premises are in Mukono, Mbalala, Wankoba, with a big workforce team.
Our operations include. Manufacturing and supplying of tissue paper in small and big size, though all customizable sizes are accepted on request. Using all distribution methods we supply the whole sellers, retails, organizations, schools, and cleaning companies
Paper Toils’ strength derives from long term trade relationships with our business partners notably our customers and suppliers with an integrated supply chain that sees us play in several market segments; and a well trained and experienced staff that responds fast to market opportunities as they emerge.

- Our Products & Business Segments -

Paper Toils is key player in the tissue paper market; our sales team is arranged to cover all our markets requirements including:

  • Tissue paper
  • Serviettes
  • Paper